CiB x Reckless Street Wheels

by: Chicks in Bowls

For all terrain

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55mm | 98a
Street wheels are smaller for faster acceleration.
Perfect for all types of terrain.

Sold in packs of 4 wheels.

CIB x Reckless Wheels are the first wheels designed specifically for aggressive rollerskating.
The Chicks in Bowls team members have taken their shared experience of park, ramp and street skating to design a unique wheel range that takes from the best of artistic, derby and skateboarding, combining their design with a special formula that minimises your chance of flat spots.

100% Radical ★ 100% Made to shred
Designed in New Zealand
Poured in California, USA
Tested and approved by the CIB Skate Team
Made in collaboration with Reckless Wheels

45,00 €

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