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Custom Antik AR1 or MG2


Make your skates even prettier!

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How to order your custom Antik AR1 or MG2 skates

1.  Choose your boot or skate package and add this to your shopping cart:
      - AR1 Hurricane
      - AR1 Tornado
      - AR1 Storm
      - AR1 Boot Only
      - MG2 Breeze
      - MG2 Boot Only 

      (It doesn't matter whether you choose red or blue in the AR1 series)

2.  Add the Antik customization to your cart. It's just €75 extra. (Please note, team or special discounts can not be added to the €75 customization upgrade) 

3.  Fill in this form: 
     Custom Antiks

and email it to us at

4.  Wait..... around 6 - 8 weeks but we'll give you a head ups when we're expecting them.

90,00 €

Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery

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