shop closed

Nope... we're just gonna be open! (See opening hours below)

adres en openingenstijden

Edisonstraat 89

5621HL Eindhoven

The Netherlands

Wednesday - Saturday
10:00 - 17:00

Do you want to come by a different day or after 17:00? Just send us a message and we'll open the shop just for you!

email and telephone

If you have any questions, feedback
or ideas then please send us an email.
We'll answer your email within 2 working days.


You want to hear our beautiful voices? That's possible too!
We'll only answer the phone during our shop opening hours,
because our old school brick phone doesn't like leaving the shop,
it doesn't like internet or whatsapp either.


IBAN: NL57INGB0004362054
KVK: 55645844
BTW: 851800464B01