Turn Left Roller Derby Shop



We are Lotta Havoc and Marcie. In 2011 we joined Eindhoven's Rockcity Rollers and fell in love with roller derby the minute we started skating (even though we felt more like bambi on ice.) We both jam, block and pivot and have a great all round understanding of this awesome sport. Lotta is also trainer at Rockcity Rollers. 

Marcie can be found just about every week in the skate parks and bowls around the Netherlands! She also manages Chicks in Bowls Netherlands.

So why start a roller skate shop?  We found it seriously frustrating that all the cool derby and roller skate stuff is in America and really difficult to get hold of... so we figured we'd start selling it ourselfs. Turn Left Roller Derby Shop was born! 

We can officially say that Turn Left is 100% derby and skater owned and operated, right down to our techie Lord Awesomord who is a derby referee and awesome park skater.

And why “Turn Left”? Easy, in roller derby you skate fast and turn left. Duhhh!

We'd love to see you on the track or in the bowls, looking cool, skating fast and Turning Left!

Lotta & Marcie

Lotta Havoc
Lotta Havoc