Training and Lessons 

Is your team looking for a roller derby coach? Or are you looking for private roller skating lessons? Look at this!


Roller Derby coaching

You see all these awesome blocking formations and want to implement them in your team? And are you jealous of those blockers who look like they have glue on their pants that helps them trap the opposing jammer on their butts? I can help you with that! I’ll break everything down into a step by step training so everyone in your team can understand and participate.
A training or bootcamp will always be fitted to your league’s specific needs. We can focus on blocking, jamming, strength and endurance, or a combination of everything.

Training: €35 an hour
Bootcamp (4 hours or more): €30 an hour
+ Travel costs

Besides doing on and off skates training I can also help your league with setting goals, make a training plan for your season or help you structure your trainings.

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Roller skating classes

Roller skating is a great work out! Did you know skating burns the same amount of calories as running? And with less chance of injuries!

If you don’t know how to skate yet, or want to learn how to skate backwards, break, do a pirouette,
or other cool stuff, I can help you!

I can do private lessons or group sessions. Lessons can be in Eindhoven or I can travel to you, in that case travel costs apply.  

Costs per hour per person
Private lessons €40
2 or 3 skaters €30
4 to 6 skaters €25
7 or more €20
Rental skates are available starting at €5 per class.  

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About the coach
My name is Marjolein, but in the derby world most people know me by the name Marcie. I started playing roller derby in December 2010 and I’ve been addicted to roller skating and derby ever since.

I play for the Eindhoven Rockcity Rollers and I’m currently on Team Netherlands. My coaching career started with the Rockcity Rollers, first with the fresh meat trainings, learning new skaters how to skate, break, and fall safely . After that I also started coaching our A and B team. Since then I’ve been asked to coach lots of leagues all over the Netherlands, I’ve coached Belgian teams, done a tour in Germany, and coached at lots of bootcamps with skaters from all over Europe.

Besides roller derby I love skating outdoors and in skateparks.