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The Scabs pad is the top of the line! Built for extreme street/ramp riding and derby. It was 1977 and Dale Smith was preparing for his slalom run against an all-star from Japan. Smith never reached the finish line–he crashed halfway, and he was so wrecked, his wounds so gory, that Bruce Logan said afterward it looked as if he had sausages tied to his body. From then on he has been known as: Sausage Man. A decade later Dale Smith began developing his own brand of safety equipment - Smith Safety Gear. By 1989 he was producing handmade pads for the likes of Tony Hawk and Joe Johnson, among other top vert pros.

Smith Safety Gear is now one of the top brands in roller derby protection. Their knee pads and elbow pads are ultra thick using high density foam that offers protection incomparable to standard knee and elbow pads.

Turn Left Roller Derby Shop is the only roller derby dedicated shop in the Netherlands and mainland Europe to stock Smith Safety Gear.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items