That's it! We're closed for good!

Of course we wouldn't just sign off without lots of thank yous.

Thanks to our family and friends who supported us in any way possible. They gave us infinite amounts of emotional support, and without them we wouldn't have had a website, a logo, cool advertisements, been able to open a brick and mortar shop (with mini ramp!), go to events, and allll the other stuff they did for us.

Thanks to everyone who has visited our shop, whether it was online or offline in Eindhoven or at an event. Obviously Turn Left wouldn't have been around for almost 7 years, if it weren't for you!

Thanks to all the other cool people we've met along the way, like our suppliers and their super famous derby star reps (we've faked not being starstruck many times), and like the significant others who waited for 3 hours at our shop while their partners were getting their full derby kits.

Just because the shop isn't here anymore, doesn't mean we won't be around anymore. So to everyone we say;


Lotta & Marcie