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Hellbow Skating, derby owned brand from France.
Having over 15 years of experience working for a variety of international sport’s brands I got tired to see the how disconnected each of these brands is from the sport they are supposed to represent, their relationship being purely marketing.
I am a coach for a roller derby team based in south of France since more than 2 years, and the idea of creating a truly dedicated roller derby street wear brand started to grow on my way back from a road trip through California.
The motivation and inspiration to give this sport a personal touch by creating “hellbow skating” is derived from the sport`s revival through its enthusiastic players and their rock `n roll spirit.
I have created Hellbow skating for the players, women and men, so they can convey the spirit of this sport proudly through our products in the arenas and on the street.
Hellbow skating will be present on main events linked with roller derby as we wish to have a deep customer & team´s partner intimacy in order to satisfy them for design and products.
So we will start by thanking you for having a look to our website, wishing that you would get an idea of our brand. In addition see you soon close to a track, where our place should be, next to you…

Roqueirol Renaud
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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item