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Fresh ideas and innovative product design.
What is GRN MNSTR?

GRN MNSTR (Green Monster) is a skate company whose total focus is to produce fresh ideas and innovative product design to the market of roller-skating, specifically roller derby. They produce the some of the best brands known in roller derby including Heartless Agility Wheels, B’ZERK Skate Wheels, Gumball Toe Stops, and the all new, Antik Skates Boots. GRN MNSTR maintains a first hand understanding of the derby industry by being totally submerged in every facet possible, from coaching, playing, reffing, and teaching the world over. This dedication allows GRN MNSTR to set industry trends in the ever changing roller derby industry.

GRN MNSTR will continue to bring you the best available products for roller derby, and will always stay true the sport.

Mo Sanders aka “Quadzilla L.K.”
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items